Complete SEO Package

SEO Packages are ideal for many clients and include everything you need to get your site ranked. These packages are designed to target low to medium competition level keywords. On-page optimization, content optimization, complete off-page optimization, Google Analytics, and Webmaster setup are just some of the key features included in each Enterprise SEO Package.



SEO PackagesMonth 01Month 02Month 03
Target Keywords3510
Ranking ReportsMonthlyMonthlyMonthly
Work ReportsMonthlyMonthlyMonthly
Traffic ReportsGoogle AnalyticsGoogle AnalyticsGoogle Analytics
Keyword URL MappingYesYesYes
Target URLs3510
301 URL RedirectsYesYesYes
XML Sitemap Installation (on website)YesYesYes
Google XML Sitemap UploadYesYesYes
Bing XML Sitemap UploadYesYesYes
Set Google GEO LocationYesYesYes
Meta Tag Writing and OptimizationTarget URLsTarget URLsTarget URLs
Website Keyword Density OptimizationTarget URLsTarget URLsTarget URLs
Additional Website Content InstructionsYes (if required)Yes (if required)Yes (if required)
Anchor Text OptimizationYes (if required)Yes (if required)Yes (if required)
Article Writing2510
Google Webmaster InstallationYesYesYes
Bing Webmaster InstallationYesYesYes
Backlinks10 Links50 Links100 Links
Backlinks Variation3510
SEO AuditMonthlyMonthlyMonthly