Search Engine Optimization For Blogs

When we think of blogs, we think of expanding our business, promoting our products and services directly to customers. We also think of blog-hopping, posting links to our website, hoping to increase the traffic for our blogs. SEO for blogs, unfortunately, goes a little further than that. As important as it is to write relevant content on a regular basis, don’t forget to do up a little bit of SEO along the way.

When it comes to SEO for blogs, you need to use a content management system that accommodates keyword marketing too. Most blog content management systems allow for that, especially popular ones like WordPress and blogger. Although it is important to place a few keywords into each blog post as part of your SEO for blogs effort, don’t overdo it. An overkill may bring about dire results. Search engines might ban your entire blog. Worse yet, they have the right to remove all links to your website, blogs or any other links related to your name or business. Yes, that is how seriously search engines are looking at the problem.

If you are using the WordPress blog system, you should pay special attention to your tags. Insert correct tags as part of your search engine marketing effort ensures that other web surfers or bloggers can find you through the system. It works hand in hand with SEO marketing strategies employed by many other internet market experts and famous bloggers.

Don’t forget to insert the keyword into the blog content title. If possible, place it the way it is supposed to be; if it is not possible, separate the keywords and focus on the putting the keyword in its entirety in the first paragraph and then sporadically over the next few paragraphs.

Although your focus is on SEO for blogs, please permit me to remind you that you STILL need to make the blog entry interesting to read or at least, informative, so that your blog followers or readers won’t feel like they were ‘ripped off’ or tricked into a reading a bland article that they shouldn’t have read in the first place.

To do that, insert a little bit of your personality into it. If you are a funny type of person, be funny. Humor attracts readers and might even encourage your readers to share the link with their friends or share it on social networking websites.

So, if you have not been focusing on SEO for blogs, it is not too late to start now.